Finally. Amber Rudd does the decent thing and quits. Took her long enough.

And lets the horrible Theresa May own the immigration scandal.

Amber Rudd has resigned as home secretary amid anger over her handling of immigration policy

After all, she was either crooked, a liar, or incompetent. Whichever way, she had to go. May next, as she is no better.

Amber Rudd has resigned as home secretary following growing pressure over the Home Office’s use of deportation targets for immigrants and the wider Windrush scandal.

The cabinet minister finally quit on Sunday after yet another leaked document cast doubt on her claims that she was unaware of the targets her officers were using.

Downing Street confirmed the prime minister had accepted her resignation, with Ms Rudd otherwise having to face a potentially catastrophic appearance in the Commons on Monday.

The problem is it isn’t just Amber Rudd. It’s the entire Tory party. It’s racist and anti-immigrant. The curious thing is she was shopped by the current Tory chairman:

Her position was further weakened over the weekend when former immigration minister Brandon Lewis – now the Conservative Party chairman – disclosed they had held weekly meetings to discuss her plans to increase removals, although he insisted they did not discuss detailed targets or numbers.

I’ll bet he’s now a hard-arsed Brexiteer. He opposed leaving, till he saw which side of the Tory bread was butered. There probably isn’t an immigrant in Britain he wouldn’t want repatriated at this point. Likely he thought she was soft on Europe, and unable to toe the party line on throwing immigrants to the wolves.

There isn’t an ounce of decency in the entire Tory party, a bunch of scoundrels and layabouts that needs to be removed from office.

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