Exit from Brexit?

It’s possible Parliament just quietly started the process of a Brexit reversal

The notion that Brexit might not happen after all is beginning to gain support. Sir Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat leader, has claimed that the chances of Brexit falling through are now “maybe 20 per cent, possibly 25 per cent”.

At the weekend, he said: “The probabilities of having an exit from Brexit are rising because of the chronic weakness of the Government – the lack of ability to negotiate a satisfactory deal … We will almost certainly be faced with a poor deal, maybe no deal at all, and I think under those circumstances, [with] large numbers of initially MPs and then the public, wanting to revisit the basic question will rise.”

It’s hard to imagine people with the pusillanimity of MPs actually governing, but we aren’t and should never be governed by referendum. It is parliament’s responsibility to pass laws, approve treaties, and decide what international obligations we enter into or decide to leave.

The very notion that one referendum commits this appalling government to an irreversible course of action is ludicrous. People were lied to during that referendum, by the infamous Brexiteers. Remember 350 million a week for the NHS painted on the side of the Brexiteer bus? Boris’s bus?

The Vote Leave campaign bus (pictured) boasts the slogan: 'We send the EU £350 million a week. Let's fund our NHS instead'. 

With Hammond’s budget, that just turned into 350 million a year. Wow.

Boris Johnson lying again. What a surprise. He’s Britain’s answer to Donald Trump.

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