Even the unions want Brexit that destroys the UK

Brexit: New referendum must exclude any option to remain in EU, says Len McCluskey

I’ve no idea who Len McClusky is, besides being a blithering idiot.

But speaking to Pienaar’s Politics on BBC Radio 5Live, Unite general secretary Mr McCluskey said: “The referendum shouldn’t be on, ‘do you want to go back in the European Union’.

No, no, NO. That is exactly what the referendum should be on, taking back a stupid position.

But Mr McCluskey said: “There are significant numbers of traditional Labour supporters who are saying ‘we’re going to vote Conservative because we don’t trust Labour to take us out of the European Union’, despite the fact that Jeremy has said repeatedly ‘of course, we recognise the result, of course we respect the result, we are coming out of the European union’.

“For us now to enter into some kind of campaign that opens up that issue again, I think would be wrong.”

Spelling out how he sees a new referendum playing out, he said the question must be narrowly confined to approval of any deal Ms May brings back from Brussels.

The man is a moron,and another reason to avoid voting Labour. You cannot trust Corbyn, or Labour. They want to break up the UK, and they will.

If Labour cannot support Britain staying in the EU, then I am ready to vote for Scotland to leave the UK

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