Et tu, Johnson and Gove?

Thinktank which ‘helped draft Johnson and Gove letter to May influencing Brexit policy’ denies Russia links

Russian tentacles spread wide, it seems. Not just into the Trump campaign, but into the Tory misgovernment. At the heart of this, is the Legatum Institute, set up by Christopher Chandler, a financier who made a fortune as a majority shareholder at Russian gas company Gazprom.

Now his thinktank has been implicated in the drafting of a letter, sent by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Environment Secretary Michael Gove, which urged the Prime Minister to ensure members of the Cabinet got behind plans for a hard Brexit by “clarifying their minds” and said they must “internalise the logic”.

“Clarifying their minds”… “internalise the logic”?? What logic?

Certainly, Russia has an interest in seeing Europe collapse. Better to deal with a disunited continent, where you can play one country against another, than a solid economic bloc including many ex-Soviet satellite nations.

It’s absurd to suppose that  people who made a fortune from the collapse of the Soviet Union aren’t involved with Russian oligarchs today. And no surprise at all that Russians are trying to influence witless fools in Britain as well as the US. Looks like Boris, Gove and the Donald were all gulled into pursuing Russian interests. Well, they are all narcissistic idiots.

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