Dump Trump, or maybe better, dump the GOP

Donald Trump claims he ‘never said give teachers guns’ as he defends looking into concealed guns policy

The President said the White House was looking at letting “gun adept teachers with military or special training experience” carry a concealed weapon so they could ”immediately fire back if a savage sicko came to a school with bad intentions”.

He suggested arming around a fifth of school staff, which he said would also act as a deterrent to possible shooters.

If there is one thing relating to guns that has a chance of passing a Republican controlled Congress that’s in the pockets of the National Rifle Association on this issue, it’s an attempt to expand the market for guns to schools. A brilliant move by Trump.

Not only does his proposal to arm 20% of teachers – “gun adept teachers” if you can find 20% of teachers in a school that know one end of a gun from another – promise increased gun sales at government expense, it pokes the libtards in the eye.

Won’t it be wonderful for American students to attend schools swarming with gunmen, so when they are attacked, even more students can die in the crossfire?

To be honest, I don’t think Trump is really thinking of solutions. The obvious one, control gun ownership and limit it to vetted and responsible people so you don’t need teachers armed to the teeth in a useless attempt to prevent school shootings, is out of the question in Repug America. Ain’t gonna happen, as they say.

Just because it works everywhere else it’s used, doesn’t “prove” it can work in the US, runs the argument of gun nuts. And it’s in the Konstitooshun, innit.

I think what Trump is doing is provoking liberals. He’s deliberately putting out asinine proposals that will never actually work, even in the remote event some idiotic jurisdiction tries them, and has a school massacre in days rather than weeks because some “gun adept teacher” – whatever that means – manages to get their gun purloined by some crazed student. Hell, the students won’t even have to buy them, they’ll be lying around for the taking.

Anyone with an inkling of common sense knows what a stupid idea this is. And while Trump has little interest in knowledge and no decency, conscience, or sense of altruism, he’s not entirely stupid.  He has certain animal business instincts, and he knows when to gore his opponents.

Plus he needs a distraction from the Russian collusion investigation. This guns in schools idea ain’t gonna fly. It’s not intended to. It’s aimed to provoke and distract.

I could be wrong, of course, maybe he seriously made this as a genuine proposal, though I doubt it. Either way, he’s too volatile, impetuous and dangerous to be US president. Removing him altogether risks the possibility of President Pence, which could be worse in a darker and more tragic way. But removing the Repugs from control of Congress in the midterms next November, would pull their fangs.


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