Don’t bother protesting in Moscow. Putin isn’t as nice as Trump.

Peter Tatchell detained in Moscow: Gay activist held after one-man protest against Russian treatment of LGBT+ community

Well, good for him, taking advantage of the Soviet Union Russia’s staging of the WC contest to make a point. Man has some courage.

Still, why on earth is the World Cup being staged in Russia at all? This is the country that invaded the Ukraine and annexed Crimea, for which it got bounced from the G8, which then became the G6+Trump. It has a horrendous human rights record, not only against gays, but minorities and political dissidents.

That’s why Trump loves him a dictator, Putin and Kim get to have all the fun he’d love to be involved in. Water sports in Moscow hotels, torture, what’s not to like?

So who did Putin pay off to get the WC staged in his back yard? Worth looking into, as nothing to do with Russia these days smells clean.

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