Donald Trump is the world’s biggest arse

In the anals of exaggeration, he has finally achieved something true. Nothing else he says is true, the man who claims he’s the best, the most intelligent, the most productive president, no, not even that, human being there has ever been on the planet, the only thing he has actually achieved is being a total arse.

Hitler was a monster. There were other thugs like Pol Pot and Stalin. We have a whole history of nasty dictators who believed in torture or extermination to frighten their subjects or get rid of folk they didn’t like.

But for producing simple shit, it doesn’t get better than The Donald. He’s not up there with Hitler, yet. But give it time, if the US Congress will let him.

You cannot trust him or a word he says. You have no idea where he is going because he doesn’t either. Yet a minority of Americans elected him, thanks to the electoral college system. And a well mismanaged electoral campaign handled by Cambridge Analytica. He’s now the most dangerous man in the world, even more to be feared than Putin, because he’s completely random, and, of course, an arse. A self-indulgent man-child. And the president of the US.

What’s not to like?

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