Does Labour have any “clarity” on Brexit?

The short answer is… no.

Labour receives 17,000 emails calling for say on Brexit

Labour has received 17,000 emails over five days from people lobbying for a clearer party policy on Brexit.

The emails, coordinated by Labour MPs and campaigners, call on Labour to give supporters “their say” by setting up a new policy commission on Brexit.

They say there is a “pressing need” for the party to set out an alternative approach to government Brexit plans.

Labour said its national policy forum, which meets in Leeds this weekend, plans to discuss the impact of Brexit.

We are now more than a year and a half from theĀ referendum held on 23 June 2016, and almost a year since May stupidly triggered article 50 to leave the EU, and neither the government nor the main opposition party has formulated a policy as to what they actually want from Brexit. With just over a year before the deadline, they fudge and vacillate this way and that, spinning dizzyingly around trying to please all sides and alarm none, and clearly have no clue what they are doing.

The feckless Tories are at war with each other, and Labour has been trying to pretend there are no major issues that need to be discussed and resolved at all. Anything to avoid taking a reasoned policy stance. May went from strong and stable to weak and wobbly in an ill-advised election night, and Corbyn has been dithering about in Socialist bliss trying to conceal his own anti-European biases. Between the pair of them, they couldn’t organise two slices of bread and a slab of ham into a sandwich.

But Corbyn is even more handicapped than May. May is weak because she has no real authority after losing the election and having to get into bed with the demented DUP, the heirs of “Reverend” Ian Paisley, just to stay in Downing Street. And paying for the privilege from the Tories’ magic money tree. Corbyn, however, despite being handed the wonderful gift of a Tory party deeply conflicted and disarrayed, is hamstrung by his own wish to leave the EU, which is what the Tories are in the process of screwing up. He’s actually on their side on the major political issue of the day, and cannot produce effective opposition.

Britain has neither a government nor an opposition it can trust, and that is the worst of worlds.

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