Corbyn reaps his just reward

Theresa May given boost with seven point Tory poll lead as Jeremy Corbyn calls for snap general election

Theresa May has been given a boost as the Tories surged to a 7 point lead over Labour in a new opinion poll, as Jeremy Corbyn issued a fresh call for a snap general election.

The Labour Party slumped by six points from 40 per cent to 34 per cent in the past fortnight, according to a survey by Opinium for The Observer, seeing them leapfrogged by the Conservatives who went from 37 per cent to 41 per cent.

It’s not so much that the Tories are leaping ahead because of their reckless – or is it wreckful – position on Brexit, it’s because Labour is haemorrhaging Leavers to the Tories, and Remainers to the Lib-Dems.

May’s approvals on Brexit have only edged up, they are still abysmally low. Corbyn’s approval ratings, have crashed, and I think deservedly so. He’s been seen through as well. From The Guardian:

Approval for May’s handling of Brexit had increased slightly, while support for Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of the issue has slumped to an all-time low. May’s approval ratings on Brexit edged up slightly to -30%, with 25% approving and 55% disapproving. Her rating had been -33% a fortnight ago.

Meanwhile, Corbyn’s net rating on the issue is now -44%, with 16% approving and 61% disapproving. His rating was -40% in the last poll a fortnight ago. Only 42% of current Labour voters approve of the way Corbyn has responded to the government on Brexit, while a quarter (26%) disapprove.

If there were some way of pulling a literal plug and sinking Britain, between the two of them these gormless goobs would find it.

Opinion on Brexit itself hasn’t changed much.

There were small signs to encourage No 10 about support for May’s Brexit deal. While the deal is still seen as bad, outright opposition has dropped off in the past weeks. Currently, 15% think May’s deal is good, while 45% think it is bad. In the last poll, only 12% thought it was a good deal and 50% thought it was bad.

Most people would back staying in the EU over May’s deal. If a referendum were held with a choice between the two, 45% would vote to Remain, while 38% would vote for the deal. More than half (55%) of Conservative voters now think their MPs should back the deal, up from 48% last week.

Perhaps May’s do-nothing-while-seeming-busy strategy to delay any decision till it’s too late and leave Parliament with the choice of her botch or disaster may be paying off. She’ll certainly go down in history. Way down.

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