Corbyn in hot water with feeble responses

Jewish Labour members boycott talks with ‘intentionally antagonistic’ party leaders over antisemitism

The caption was: Corbyn denies laying wreath at grave of Munich terrorists. That’s a pretty big deny considering that they have pictures of him groping the wreath in question. Then he added the further idiocy of admitting being present at wreath-laying for Munich terrorists but saying ‘I don’t think I was actually involved in it’. What the fuck? Present, touching the wreath, but not “involved” in it? Does he really think people are idiots?

Plus given how they have been treated by the party establishment, I am not in the least surprised Jewish Labour groups don’t trust them or Corbyn. While he may not be an actual antisemite, though I can certainly understand why people might wonder about this, he certainly looks like he has chosen the Palestinian side, ignored Jews opposing the odious Netanyahu or those killed by Muslim terrorism, and consorted with supporters of terrorism.

Feeble bleats to the effect he was “not actually involved” give the impression he either cluelessly wandered into a ceremony in Tunis without knowing who it was for or who was there, which makes him seem like a total idiot, or that he’s an outright liar trying to save his skin. It’s nice that he protests:

“I was there because I wanted to see a fitting memorial to everyone who has died in every terrorist incident everywhere, because we have to end it. You cannot pursue peace by a cycle of violence. They only way you pursue peace is by a cycle of dialogue.”

The problem was, it wasn’t that kind of memorial, it was the grave of the terrorists who killed Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. It is even more pathetic to go on to say he was opposed to all deaths by terrorism, without even mentioning Palestinian terrorism. He is right about just one thing, it’s going to take compromise on all sides to achieve peace in the Middle East, and that seems as likely to happen as the second coming of Christ.

The need for compromise is the only thing he’s been right on in this sorry mess. He’s made all the wrong arguments, taken the wrong positions, associated with the wrong people, disseminated and lied, and not supported Jews in the Labour party when they need as much support as Muslims. Not a fearless leader at all. More of a schmuck or schlemiel.

Boris Johnson must be laughing all the way to his tea table. Neither party has reacted well to the exposure of bigotry in their ranks. But while bigotry is indigenous to Tories, it’s their bread and butter with Boris palling up with the American arch-racist Steve Bannon, you would expect Labour to know better. If you did, well, you and I were wrong.

The choice of parties for a responsible voter grows thin indeed. Oh, and yes, if he has a shred of decency at this point, he’ll quit as party leader. That’s the only way we will know he has that decency.

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