Conservative MP says the Cambridge Analytica data scandal puts referendum into question

Brexit result has been thrown into question by the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, says Tory MP

A Conservative MP has for the first time claimed that the result of the Brexit vote has been thrown into question by the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, increasing pressure for a fresh public vote on the exit deal.

The allegations that the Leave campaign cheated spending limits, and that personal data was misused to illegally target voters, raise “very serious questions” about the fairness of the campaign, Antoinette Sandbach told The Independent.

“We have this British sense of fair play and there is a feeling, a groundswell of unease, that the referendum campaign was not done in a British way,” the MP for Eddisbury in Cheshire said.

Aside from the fact that referendums narrowly won are a dreadful justification for public policy, referendums where the public was lied to by prominent Tories such as Boris Johnson are suspect anyway.

No-one can trust the Tories, they are the party of irresponsible government, putting through a reckless Brexit policy without any regard for the consequences on British consumers, British business, British nationals in the EU, or EU nationals in Britain.

The silly Theresa May might be counting on Trump rescuing her with a super-duper, fabuous trade deal, but if she is, she’s dumber than even I thought she might be. The last thing Trump is in favour of is free trade.

May come across as a political zombie bereft of life or ideas, propped up by the DUP, and accomplishing diddley/squat as a result. Had she been male, I’d have called her a political eunuch.

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