Consequences of a Brexit catastrophe

Ministers warn harder EU exit risks breaking up Britain

The Brexit broth cooked up by Theresa at Chequers is has proved unpalatable., a complete pig’s breakfast. Anti-European Tories won’t accept it, the opposition parties won’t accept it, and the EU won’t accept it, leaving May with the options of walking out with a hard Brexit, or looking for some other compromise that she’s already said is “unacceptable”. It’s amazing how often the world teaches us about accepting the unacceptable.

There appear to be two options for a soft Brexit. Maintaining a customs union while having no influence on EU policy is bad policy. Boris is actually right to criticise that, better to stay part of the EU than obey edicts from Brussels we have no part in making. The alternative, keeping an open border in Ireland, means drawing a new one in the Irish Sea. This is effectively breaking up the UK, and would almost inevitably lead to a new referendum on Scottish independence as well, that would likely leave England and Wales as the sole members of a UK.

Apparently senior Tory ministers are comparing this to the Suez crisis in 1956, which was the last nail in the coffin of Britain’s role as a major world power. I think it’s a lot worse. Oor Theresa has run out of plausible options. The only sensible option is to abandon Brexit as a bad deal, and that’s the one option she has nailed the door shut to, which is why she has to go.

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