Congrats Australia!

It took you an expensive referendum, but here you are, voting for gay marriage. At last.

Australians vote to legalise same-sex marriage in historic move towards equality

Australian statistician David Kalisch announced the results in the capital Canberra, with 7,817,247 of the ballots cast saying yes, compared to 4,873,987 opposed to the idea, on a turnout of 79.5 per cent.

Across all six states in Australia, the yes vote won – ranging from 57.8 per cent in New South Wales to 74 per cent support in the Australian Capital Territory.

Tiernan Brady, director of Australians for Equality, said: “If this were a general election it­ would be the biggest landslide in Australian history.”

Finally. What a cliff-hanger

Some 61.6 per cent of the electorate backed gay marriage, against 38.4 per cent who opposed the move, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.

Let’s see what the Australian parliament does with it. So many bigots elected to it, it’s hard to know.

Interesting to note that in the UK, gay marriage was instituted by a Conservative government, the one thing David Cameron did that won’t go down in infamy, as opposed to his Brexit referendum.

Not to say the UK doesn’t have its share of bigots, it does. People who hate gays, Jews, Muslims, women, blacks, browns, and indeed anything not lily-white Anglo-Saxon male heterosexual. They don’t care much for any European, either. The UK has a foetid history of bigotry. Hence Brexit.

So kudos to the Australians. It took you a while and you’ve a few steps more to go. But welcome to the club. We need you.

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