Coalition of chaos

David Davis vows Northern Ireland will not be ‘left behind’ in EU single market or customs union with softer Brexit deal

David Davis has vowed the Government will not “leave one part of the United Kingdom behind”, by allowing Northern Ireland to have a softer Brexit deal.

Answering an emergency question, the Brexit Secretary insisted efforts to avoid a hard border would not see Northern Ireland remain in the EU single market or customs union.

“That is emphatically not something the United Kingdom government is considering,” Mr Davis told MPs.

“We will not be treating one part of the United Kingdom differently from any other part,” he added.

Another way of looking at it, is why should NI be the only part of the UK to get a good deal from Brexit, while the rest of the country ignominiously crashes out under May’s inept “leadership” (I use the term “leadership” very loosely).

Yesterday was not merely embarrassing for May, it was catastrophically embarrassing. She has shown no policy skills, no political skills and no negotiating skills. She’s a living corpse, left in her position solely because the Tories can’t decide who to replace the zombie with.

Past time to tow the Tory clown car to the wreckers. It just doesn’t “go”. The noise you hear is the engine self-destructing.

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