Catastrophe, calamity and Conservatives

What’s the difference? Who knows? Just different words for an ongoing disaster. There is no good solution to Brexit in the short or medium term. Whichever way it goes down, it’s going to hurt. Oh, in the very long run, there will be domestic recovery, at least for some. The downside is that Europe and our allies will be weakened and destabilised, which is music to Putin’s ears. The only country that gains from Brexit is Russia.

The only way to avoid the ill-advised consequences of an operation like UKectomy is to avoid it altogether, and that is precisely the course the Tories are determined to avoid.  Among the likely consequences is the break-up of the UK itself, which will go down as May’s contribution to British history. And it’s not just Northern Ireland that might get separated, it’s Scotland as well.

It was after all, the English and Welsh who voted to take us out of Europe and precipitate the current disaster. Northern Ireland voted to stay in by 55.8:44.2 (the Unionists voted with the English), as did Scotland by a strong 62:38 majority to remain. It makes jettisoning England and Wales a more attractive proposition than it has been in the past, as one cannot trust the judgement of those voters, who put the Tory government in office in the first place.

As it is, where I sit in Scotland, the SNP are the majority party, and the behaviours of both Tories and Labour nationally make then unpalatable as repositories of a responsible vote. Which leaves the SNP as the Lib-Dems are pretty flaky to. So to take that to its logical conclusion, perhaps May has ushered in the time for Scottish independence from an England and Wales that cannot bring themselves to vote responsibly.

I have never until this year seriously considered voting for independence. I have believed in a United Kingdom. It was a leader in the rescue of Europe from fascism and communism, and its membership of the EU strengthened that organisation. Now the Tories, and their English, Welsh and Ulster Unionist supporters are foolishly hell-bent on disrupting it. In doing so, the UK becomes irrelevant.

So I begin to think, let’s leave the UK to the Little Englanders. Then we can apply for re-entry into Europe. Unless, of course, sanity somehow prevails in the end, they hold a second referendum, and Remain wins.

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