Bye, bye, UKIP

Ukip sacks Henry Bolton as leader in wake of racism row to spark fourth leadership contest in 18 months

Well, he was endorsed by the odious Nigel Farage, who earlier this week admitted UKIP was (thankfully) collapsing. Fewer than 2000 members took part in the vote to axe der fuehrer, who jilted his girlfriend Jo Marney after she tweeted racist nasties about Prince Harry and his definitely non-white fiancee Meghan Markle.

No-one with any decency will mourn UKIP’s passing. they were on a par with Moseley’s Brownshirts coming up to WWII, and with Tories like Enoch Powell and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Mind you, the Tories might just select the Moggster to replace the hapless May after she fails to secure the disastrous Brexit so many of them want. After all, when you have the Tories, who needs UKIP in the first place? Birds of a feather.

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