British business fleeing Tory Brexit chaos

The Tories’ chaotic Brexit has lost the trust of business – and jobs will go

Theresa May’s desperate survival act within her party means companies are having to plan for worst-case scenarios. Thousands of workers will be hit

It used to be that British businesses blindly supported the Tories, because they were good for – or rather to – business. Then came Hurricane Brexit, set in motion by David Cameron and fanned by clueless nutjobs like Johnson and Rees-Mogg, which now has lots of British businesses eyeing moves abroad, leaving British workers stranded without jobs.

Tory economics. So long as the rich remained rich, they were safely supportive of whatever idiocy the Tories wanted to follow. Now Tory incompetence is threatening the rich, they ain’t so happy, and looking not merely to abandon the Tories, but Britain as well.

I guess you can’t really make friends in politics, more like defer enmities. Theresa must be utterly aghast at the disloyalty! It is the duty of British business to support her government, come what May. And who knows what May come, least of all Theresa. They seem to take a rather different view, but I suspect, too little and late.

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