Britain remains divided

Majority of voters want Theresa May to delay Brexit, exclusive Independent poll finds

Not much of a majority. 53%, hardly more than voted for Brexit in the first place. So only 53% want to avoid catastrophe,

The poll by BMG Research found that the public also favouredĀ a delay, possibly to prepare for a second referendum, while 33 per cent would back a no-deal exit, even if it hits the economy, and 14 per cent did not know.

The poll found nearly half (49 per cent) believed a no-deal Brexit would be an economic catastrophe that would do lasting damage to the country. Some 28 per cent disagreed with the statement.

Asked if they would support a final vote, whether a deal is reached or not, 50 per cent backed the idea, while 32 per cent opposed it.

So at least one third of the country supports Britwreck, whatever the consequences. They don’t care about driving the country into the dirt, they only want to be free of those disgusting foreigners and coloured people. It’s the same one third that supports Trump in the US whatever disaster he visits on their country.

I must admit I would have hoped for better numbers, but clearly there is a hard core load of Brits who simply hate foreigners. One third of Britons are bigots unwilling to embrace any form of internationality. And it looks like they, thanks to the moron Theresa May, will win, causing a disaster Britain hasn’t seen since WWII.

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