Brexit was an emotional, not a rational, idea

It’s not just a matter of painting Brexiteers as racists, though that is part of the mix. They didn’t want all the Euro-hoi-polloi polluting our shores for whatever reason, but to be fair, racism was just a part of it.

They hankered nostalgically after a Britain long gone, and never to be resurrected. White and very English, true, so what else was there? What did Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, among other nutcases, actually see or want?

God knows, because they were never able to articulate it or argue for it. The entire argument was that for some reason, Britain didn’t belong in Europe, which is a bit bizarre, considering that Britain is the biggest offshore European island there is.

So what did Brexiteers actually argue?

Brexit fact deniers are becoming like climate change sceptics – all fingers in ears and tongues poked out

Not a lot.

It is possible the Bank of England’s figures are wrong, which must be why Brexit enthusiasts haven’t made the mistake of producing their own documents, or research, or numbers.

Well, the fact is, that Brexiteers haven’t made any arguments in support of their assumption that Britain is better off outside the EU. They have done no sums at all, which is why they are outraged at those who have.

It’s because for Brexiteers, sums don’t matter. It’s not about whether you will be economically better off in or out of the EU. It’s all about getting those pesky Euro foreigners out of Britain, and not being part of that sprout, Brussels.

They think teeny modern Britain can resurrect the British Empire, and go it alone. They are actually isolationists. They hate foreign influence on British policy, and delude themselves thinking that exiting the EU will magically end this foreign blight.

Ain’t gonna happen. They would trade a Britain as an equal partner in the EU, for a Britain tossed and turned on a sea of major foreign powers, with nothing to back it up but an ailing economy.

Brexiteers don’t do the sums because for them it’s about nationalistic honour, not economic reality. For Brexiteers, it’s emotion over reason. And for them, reason will never matter.


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