Brexit to be delayed?

Brexit: Article 50 set to be extended even if Theresa May wins vote on Tuesday, senior ministers admit

For fuck’s sake, why extend the agony? Why cause more disaster and delay? Piss or get off the pot. Either let Corbyn have his election; let there be another referendum, however long it takes to get there, or just cancel the whole catastrophe.

I confess that the first time I was eligible to vote, I voted Conservative, for Maggie Thatcher. My mother was a Polish war refugee, and anti-communist and anything that remotely resembled Communism, like Labour, and I was still under the influence. I’ve always regretted that vote.

Tories are in a total shambles. So is Parliament. I was most amused by Speaker Bercow’s – now he has Polish ancestry, I’m sure of it (Bercowski?) – antics to wrest control of Parliament from May, and it will be interesting to see how that goes. But British politics have turned into such a shambolic mess we are the laughing stock of the world.

Perhaps only Trump’s America, thanks to his stupidity, is in a worse state. He and May should compare notes.

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