Brexit sprouts for Christmas?

Apparently, thanks to oor Theresa, brussels sprouts are oot this year, and for every year to come. You have to take your brexit and eat it, or else Theresa may spank you.

How No 10 tried, and failed, to contrive EU rescue of May’s deal

This was at the Brussels summit of EU leaders today. Unsurprisingly, since May has no credibility left having shifted her position so many times and being so vague about what she wants – which appears to be to stay on in Downing Street – Europe isn’t going along with her latest dithering.

May insists some undefined change to her “deal” is possible, while European leaders rule it out, and  she has reached the point where tenacity has become obdurate and deliberate stupidity. The main problem, besides the Tory Brexiteers, is May herself. No-one respects her any more, no Tories, Labour or other parliamentary parties; no European or EU leader. She can’t be trusted. She’s Britain’s Trump, a serial liar.

She’s a recipe for disaster.

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