Brexit re-postponed

Brexit: May insists UK can still exit EU by end of next month

Ironically, it’s been postponed to Halloween, or maybe Hell Freezes Over, hard to tell. It’s given the twitterati Fits o’Hilarity, apparently. And May continues her zombie-like circuar lurch insisting for the umpteenth time that her “deal” be approved by a parliament that doesn’t appear capable of coherent thought, let alone an agreement on any policy of any kind.

The next deadline is May 22, the day before the EU elections. After the last two yearsworth of Tory pantomime, I can’t see the House agreeing on anything by then, either, though it’s impossible to divine anything from casting the rune stones on this one. Today’s editorial wisdom is tomorrow’s cat litter and worth less.

The solution obvious to anyone with working front lobes is either an election to shake these half-baked twits out of office, or a referendum to let the people do their jobs for them, but this Tory misgovernment and this parliament is perfectly capable of sitting on their collective buttocks for another few months, being against everything and for nothing.

When May says the front benches should “work together”, she’s lying as much as President Trump does. She insists Labour accept her agreement. Even Jeremy Corbyn isn’t that daft. She’s so stubborn and dense it’s embarrassing, but I suppose she learned the lesson from Maggie that sheer, stupid intransigence can overcome… whatever. It’s a pity the only two female prime ministers in British history have been unmitigated disasters. Of course, the riposte might be, every male prime minister has been a disaster as well. Even Churchill. It would be facile to put all the blame on May. She’s

Unfortunately, sheer, stupid intransigence never accomplished the utterly impossible, which is a complete separation from the EU with no Irish border, and Ulster still in the UK. The only way anything like this could be done is a union of the two Irelands, taking Ulster out of the UK. That would go down well with the DUP May depends on. And it would be a good solution for the whole of Ireland. But May is terrified of going down in history – and she will go far down indeed – as the prime minister who lit the powder keg under the entire Union. It’s not just Northern Ireland, she stands to lose Scotland as well. Pulling the UK out of the EU might very well unravel the fabric holding the UK together, since the vast majority of the Tory fascists are in the southeast of England.

Still, at this point, anything anyone promises or speculates about Brexit is so much gas.

Given the dates, my own view is we to resurrect Guy Fawkes, and make sure he gets it right this time.

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