Brexit preps go awry

Brexit: Chris Grayling terminates no-deal ferry contract with company which has no ships

This was a classic piece of Tory incompetence. They actually contracted for additional channel ferries – it’s not quite clear why they thought they would need them in the first place as their ambition is to cut off commerce from the EU – from a company that didn’t actually own any.

The idiot Rees-Mogg speculated that the Irish government had something nefarious to do with the company pulling out. There’s no twit like an upper-class aspiring Tory twit.

As for Grayling, his incompetence makes him look like he’s angling for May’s job. On the scale of total disaster, he’s right up there with her, and the Tories are hell bent on providing us with the worst government in British history.

That is one target they will achieve.

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