Brexit chaos is rampant

Britannia was a once proud nation. nation. Thanks to Brexit, she’s a dowdy and frustrated auld frump.

Theresa May suffers Commons defeat over Brexit plan B

Who ever mentioned “Plan B”? WTF is that? Sounds like an alternative to abortion. Then again…

Theresa May will be obliged to present MPs with a new Brexit plan within three days if her current proposal is voted down next week, after a procedural amendment to the plan’s progress through the Commons was passed amid chaotic scenes.
The amendment to the business motion for the plan, drawn up by the Conservative former attorney general Dominic Grieve, gives May the deadline to put forward new plans if she loses the vote, as many expect, next Tuesday.
The amendment was passed by 308 votes to 297 following stormy scenes in which a series of Conservative MPs castigated the Speaker, John Bercow, for allowing the amendment.

That certainly signals the likelihood of her little scheme going down in flames. What it’s going to produce after is a bit of a mystery, rather like jumping off a cliff and wondering if there’s a haystack at the bottom.

This is government by insanity, but the Tories created it. The Tory government has no-one but itself to blame for this chaos. Link to an intelligent Guardian editorial next post.

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