Boris Johnson is a totally ignorant wanker

Boris Johnson tells Theresa May it is not Government’s job to maintain ‘no border’ in Ireland, leaked memo reveals

Boris is so busy masturbating about Brexit. he hasn’t the wit to realise the consequences.

It is the government’s job to maintain the peace in Ireland, though as Boris isn’t Northern Ireland Secretary, just Foreign Secretary so he hasn’t a clue what goes on domestically because he doesn’t give a flying fuck, he might be forgiven for his ignorance.

Apparently the Tories want Brexit over peace in Ireland, and a hard Brexit with no ties to the EU is what they desire above all, which will leave Ireland in turmoil with a hard border. not that the Tories care, because they never care. Caring is not something Tories understand.

For most Tories, ideology trumps realism every time. They are like Trump. My way or the highway, and fuck what is good for the people Arseholes the lot of them.

Ok, maybe I overstate. There are a handful of Tories with a social conscience. There are a handful of Tories who realise Brexit damages Britain. Maybe there are enough to turn May’s tide. I’m not holding my breath.

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