Boris Johnson is a pompous prat

Now, I’ve read that Johnson is an intelligent and educated man. The only means I have to assess this claim is through images and quotes. And it just doesn’t seem to stack up.

As for what he says…

Police must investigate claims Vote Leave ‘cheated’ Brexit campaign spending rules, Labour and Lib Dems say

This is the accusation that the Brexit campaign cheated and overspent its limits by giving money to other anti-European organisations.

Boris has this to say about that:

“Vote Leave won fair and square – and legally. We are leaving the EU in a year and going global.”

This is the man who had Brexit’s biggest lie painted on the side of a bus:

Nothing he’s said then or since has made any sense.

He has a fraternal affinity for Donald Trump as though trusting in The Donald has ever done anyone any good.

He has been asinine enough to accuse Putin’s Russia of an assassination attempt on a Russian double agent and exile, without producing any evidence. Even though it’s plausible Vladimir Putin is guilty of this, some shred of proof would be welcome, especially as the Russian ambassador to the UK has claimed it’s Britain that made the hit, using nerve agent manufactured at Britain’s biological warfare facility at Porton Down, a few miles down the road from Salisbury. And, as the ambassador also points out, the only Russian refugees murdered over the years have been exiled in Britain. Why Russia or Britain should have any interest in murdering them is unclear, unless it’s to deter others in the future, or cover something up, or create a distraction from the chaos of Brexit.

I have an open mind on this.

Either story is plausible, given that no evidence has been adduced by either side in their favour.

Even if the Russian ambassador is full of shit, it would be helpful to have some evidence to prove it. But Boris has none of that. He’s as full of shit as the ambassador. And alas, Boris has no more credibility than Vladimir.

I’ve yet to hear an intelligent statement from Boris. On anything. He’s a total intellectual vacuum. That’s not to say I believe anything the Russians say. I just have no  confidence in the Tory misgovernment.

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