Boris is a total wanker

And how do we know he’s wanking? He makes proposals like this:

Considering Boris Johnson’s past transport ideas, we should all be very worried about the Channel bridge

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Oor Boris

Why, in the name of all gods, would Boris be arguing for a channel bridge for unfettered traffic between Britain and Europe, when he has just lied his way through a campaign supporting Brexit to take Britain out of Europe, and separate us from the rest of the continent?

It’s not that such a bridge isn’t technically achievable, it probably is, though funding it would require a Tory magic money tree, and putting a bridge over the world’s busiest sea lanes is not obviously a good idea. Hence the Chunnel. Strange is it not how Tories can always find funding for necessities like bribes to the DUP or favours for their political friends and donors, and always for favourite projects. But never for something essential like the NHS or education.

The main problem with Johnson’s twittery is this: when you want Britain to separate from Europe, what is the fucking point of a channel bridge? The traffic won’t be free… there’ll be vast parking lots on either side waiting to get through customs and immigration control.

Johnson is just waving his fat hands trying to create the illusion that he’s a serious politician and not opposed to Europe as such. He just hasn’t two worthwhile thoughts to string together. If he were that fond of Europe, he wouldn’t have supported Brexit. He’s our Trump.

Total wanker. Why he is still in the cabinet, I’ve no idea… no, wait… May is still prime minister and she’s of the same intellectual calibre, plus being weak and wobbly. The Tory Clown Car rolls on, oblivious to reality.

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