As for that lying *** May

I am loathe to use female pejoratives like c***, t***, b****; and male pejoratives like p****, d***, w*****, f***** and a*******. However appropriate they may be. I think of various pols in these terms, yet it doesn’t seem appropriate to set them out on a web page. And yet…

Take May’s abortive trip to Northern Ireland to pacify the natives. She wasn’t prepared for it having had only two years since the first Brexit vote to figure out how she was going to deal with the Irish border, and now a few days ahead of Brexit, she still hasn’t a clue. I doubt she has a clue what “backstop” actually entails. I doubt anyone else does, either.

“Backstop” is a meaningless word designed to conceal the fact that not only does May not have a sodding idea of what she is doing, she doesn’t give a shit. It’s all delaying tactics to persuade batshit insane Tory MP’s to vote to keep her majesty in No 10. That is her primary directive among Tory zombies… Stay. In. Power.

The Tories are a completely useless party.

And do not get me started on Labour.

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