May’s Tory clown car doesn’t know which direction to careen in…

Brexit: Make up your mind on future trade deal or we’ll do it for you, EU tells Theresa May

Theresa May’s plan for a post-Brexit trade deal has been immediately written off by the EU as “pure illusion” less than 24 hours after she convinced her ministers to back it at a special lock-in session of Cabinet intended to sort out the UK’s trade stance once and for all.

Speaking after an informal summit of EU27 leaders in Brussels, European Council President Donald Tusk said Britain still did not understand that it could not ‘have its cake and eat it’, warning that the EU would push ahead with its own plans if the UK did not produce something substantial.

Mr Tusk told reporters it would “be much better” if the UK had an idea of what it wanted ahead of next month’s meeting, but that “we cannot stand by and wait”. The public slap down comes after ministers backed a vague promise of “ambitious managed divergence” at a lock-in away day at the PM’s country residence Chequers.

Since different Tories want different things, as we know from the blackmail letter sent to May by hardcore Brexiteers, and May’s misgovernment keeps changing its mind as to what it wants, no-one has any idea what’s going to happen next.

There’s no plan.

No strategy.

Just panicked chaos. Tory rule at its best.

The only two things keeping keeping May in office are the DUP, and the inability of the Tories to agree on a successor. How long either of those will last is anyone’s guess, given her obvious incompetence. Who wants to be associated with the disaster that is Theresa May?

And the interesting implication of Tusk’s remarks is at this point, he’d be happy to push the Tories into a hard Brexit, and get rid of the British Problem once and for all so the rest of Europe can move on. An ally seething with discontent and internal strife is no ally at all. You can’t negotiate with that in good faith.

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