Another Tory triumph!

Blame Tory negligence and ideology for Carillion’s collapse

The Tories claim they will continue to provide the public services that had been out-sourced to Carillion. But will they explain either why they didn’t see this coming, despite numerous signs over the last year, or if they did, why didn’t they do anything intelligent about it? Why did they they give the failing company more contracts after it issued a profits warning in July of last year?

Are they so preoccupied by flaming Brexit they can’t even govern competently any longer? Maybe they could look to the £1.5 billion they bribed the DUP with for votes instead of the magic money tree they pretend doesn’t exist.

Carillion collapse: Five urgent questions the Government must answer

Why were public contracts awarded after it was known the company was in trouble? Why was the Government so reliant on a single company? Why was the Carillion chair advising the government on corporate social responsibility? Why hasn’t it been nationalised? And shouldn’t this prompt a wider re-think of privatisation?

Because Tories are incompetent, allergic to public ownership of anything, want to give their rich buddies and contributors a kickback, croneyist, and ideologically hidebound?

Wanna bet?

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