Another sign of Britain’s eclipse under the Tories

UK suffers ‘major failure for diplomacy’ after losing seat on UN International Court of Justice, says Tory MP

Britain’s failure to elect a judge to the UN’s most powerful court has been branded a “major failure for diplomacy” by a Tory MP.

Robert Jenrick, who is parliamentary aide to Home Secretary Amber Rudd, launched a stinging attack on the Government over the decision to withdraw the UK candidate from election to the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ).

It is the first time the UK will be without a judge on 15-seat bench in the Hague since its inception in 1946, in what will be regarded as a blow to its diplomatic prestige.

The Boris was stinging in his reply:

“I don’t think I can quite agree with the construction my friend places on events but I will repeat my congratulations to the Indian judge and as the House will know, it has been a long-standing objective of UK foreign policy to support India in the UN.”

Translation: put the best face you can on a British defeat under Tory misrule. Not that it’s a bad thing to have an Indian on the ICJ, far from it. But what it demonstrates is that since the Brexit chaos began, so gleefully supported by the spectacularly unerudite Boris, Britain’s answer to the Donald for complete ineptitude, nobody respects the UK any more.

And who can blame them. The one sensible answer to Brexit is to stop it entirely, but the drivers of the Tory Clown Car are too inept or cowardly to do it.

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