Another reason to get out of the Tory clown car…

… before it careers off the cliff, as if Carillion weren’t enough.

Tory government votes not to retain European human rights charter in UK law after Brexit

It’s not as though the Tories have any respect for human rights. They believe most humans are consumers and/or employees who should be dedicated to supporting the capitalist rich way of life, a way of life the vastly overwhelming majority will never enjoy. Not for the Tories the slogan:  Not for the few but the many”. They wouldn’t understand the concept. The only rights they respect are those of wealth people and party contributors.

The Independent reports that:

The Charter includes a wide range of basic protections, including the right to a private life, freedom of speech, equality provisions and employment rights governing how workers are treated. It is broader than the European Convention on Human Rights, which is already part of UK law through the Human Rights Act.

It also reports that Tories claim these rights are or will be enshrined in other legislation, but trusting a Tory promise is tantamount to disaster.

Trusting Theresa May on this is like trusting a drunk to drive safely. Not wise. The only thing she is interested in is keeping her arse in Downing Street while negotiating a path between the sensible remainers in her party and the wild-eyed Brexiteers. She isn’t even interested in the best solution for Britain. But she does know who her party contributors are, and ultimately, that’s who she wants to satisfy.

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