And why the fuss about the Tory election?

These TV leadership debates highlight how undemocratic the process of choosing our next PM is

Look, it’s up to less than 200,000 Tory yahoos to select a new dogminder prime minister. If the Tories really wanted the public to have a say in who governs Britain, in this allegedly “democratic” country, they would have called a general election. But, thanks to the unique British constitutional system, it’s an internal party matter, so why the fuss?

The fuss is because normally, it isn’t an existential crisis of these proportions that the premiership changes hands in. Normally, the prime minister has to resign because of some mischief committed and discovered, or because they’ve lost the confidence of the ruling party. Some other twit just takes over, same party, same government, same bullshit. And the Tories have shit covered – they are the experts in covering stuff with shit.

Brexit is the issue, and many Tories are keen to ruin Britain in the process, because to them, being free of these dusky furriners is worth economic disaster. Xenophobia is the gift Tories want to give Britain, because that’s what they are. They want an isolationist UK, well, maybe letting Donald Trump buy up more golf courses, but certainly not a UK involved in the development of Europe, because you know, you can’t trust these babbling furriners. Can’t understand a word they say!

Tories are the foul filth of the earth. They don’t care about the future of Britain, they only care abut personal profit, and their wealthy constituency. Pox on the lot of them.

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