And what about the Referendum Act 1975

Referendum Act 1975

This was the original referendum that confirmed British membership of what was then the EEC, European Economic Community. It asked whether Britain should remain part of the European Community (Common Market), and was approved by a whopping margin of 67-33%.That was a convincing outcome. What has happened since?

I suppose the Brexiteers would argue that because the 2016 referendum went their way, by a much smaller margin, it should reverse the wishes of the voters in 1975. Fair enough, they can argue that 1975 was over a generation ago, legally non-binding but difficult to reject had it gone the other way, and most of the voters that participated in that referendum are dead, a new generation has taken over and deserves a reconsideration of the original vote..

So clearly these hypocrites have no sense that a referendum result cannot be reconsidered – unless, of course, it is one they like. Then it’s tablets of stone time. They blather on about how having a third referendum on Brexit would ignore the votes of the people in 2016, ignoring how the 2016 referendum reversed the votes of 1975. Where I also voted for Europe.

As they obviously don’t consider referenda to be eternally binding, and believe they can be reversed, by another referendum, they are hardly in a position to object to a referendum that might reverse the one they won. Once the principle that referenda are reversible has been established, and the Brexiteers established it, it’s hard to run it back.

Leavers are fucking hypocrites. They have no respect for democracy or the ability of people to reconsider and change their minds. Apparently, the only time the people have the right to change their minds is when they have voted against Leave.

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