And what about the Corbyn?

Oh, Jeremy! 🙁

Brexit: Labour braced to call confidence vote in government within days if May’s deal is voted down, Corbyn signals

Of course, that will fail. Tories aren’t going to vote themselves out of office, and to be honest, a new election is likely to result in a hung Parliament anyway, because Tories and Labour will likely lose votes over their abysmal handling of Brexit.

On Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn only listens to the Leavers. Why?

Now, in common, I imagine, with many others, I find myself watching the behaviour of the leader of the Labour party with hard-to-describe feelings. My feelings towards some of his colleagues are easier to describe. It is obvious that Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, has been doing his level best to try to knock some sense into Corbyn. The latter’s recent revelation in the Guardian to my colleague Heather Stewart that, if elected prime minister he planned to go ahead with Brexit, was deeply offensive to the vast majority of Labour members, who are Remainers.

Perhaps Corbyn thinks he has been playing a clever game, keeping the Leave minority of Labour voters on board. However, this is at the expense of alienating the vast majority.

Corbyn is in effect giving more credence to those who voted Leave rather than his own party who voted Remain. He’s a Labour leader who follows Tory instincts on this issue. Not someone I would remotely trust.

It’s not that Corbyn is a bad man, or inferior socialist. I’d support a number of his policies, except for his incompetence and inanity on Brexit. While I appreciate that there are many issues that are pressing, all of them are going to be made much worse in the case of Brexit, which is something that Corbyn is not going to admit. A socialist Britain is better off in a capitalist EU, to make the best of both worlds. Corbyn, however, wants to be a purist, living in an impoverished Britain free of European capitalistic shackles. He’d rather Britain be a third world country than part of a Europe tainted by capitalism.

Oor Jeremy is stuck in antiquated political philosophy. He has no imagination, and would make a lousy prime minister. A Britain inside Europe can work to change it. A Britain outside hasn’t a hope of changing anything. Labour needs to get rid of Corbyn.

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