And the delish Trump – May imbroglio

Trump’s Britain First tweets: UK ambassador to US says he has ‘raised concerns’ with White House

Soooo…. Donald tweeted support for a racist and fascist British hate group, Theresa’s people criticised it, Donald accused Theresa of being soft on terrorism, Theresa lashed back by claiming she wasn’t… and so it goes on. And on and on. So terribly grown up.

There’s an elephant in the room some like to ignore. Theresa’s reluctance to break up with Donald.

To give May a bit of credit here, I think she is very much aware that Trump is a petulant, bullying, small-witted, narcissistic man-child, whose only interest is himself, whose mental stability is questionable, and who cannot be trusted to keep his word, secrets, or trouser snake in his pants.

The problem is, she can’t say it. I’m assuming she’s aware of it and hasn’t gulled herself into stupidity. Maybe I’m giving too much credit but for all our sakes, I hope not.

She’s stuck herself with Brexit, which means she needs a deal with the US among others to replace it. She knows she can’t get a deal without massaging Trump. She also knows she can’t trust Trump. Nobody can. But to admit that would stop the deal in its tracks. And politically she needs a deal.

She’s been hoist on her own petard, no way forward and no way back. I doubt Trump would agree to a state visit now, given the robustly antipathetic reception he’d deservedly get. And let’s face it, May isn’t likely to be prime minister by then.

Plus, Trump has his onanistic fingers on the US nuclear button. Why risk enraging the orangutan? Who knows what might happen?

May has dug this hole for herself, so I have no sympathy for her predicament. But what with everything, I think she is going through a lot of angst right now.

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