And over to the insanity on the other side of the Atlantic…

…where Republicans are poised to prove they either approve of the sexual molestation of women, or do not think it matters for presidents or Supreme Court appointees. Either way, they show no respect for women, or the judiciary that will be expected to sit in judgement on cases of sexual molestation.

I despair of Republican female senators, as they betray their own sex for politics. Brett Kavanaugh is a serial molester, a liar who perjured himself in front of the Senate, a temperamental and angry bigot, and that is what Trump and his cronies want on the Supreme Court.

You can shortly say goodbye to women’s and gay rights in the US. Racial minorities my soon find themselves losing what civil rights progress has been achieved. Kavanaugh is a right-wing pro-Christianist. He may not actually believe in their self-righteous evangelical and extremist religion, I don’t know, but he knows he was chosen to vote to enable the far-right agenda of restricting liberties and enforcing religious beliefs.

So why should it matter to us in our relatively progressive United-for-the-moment-Kingdom?

Simply because the US is, or was, an important democratic ally, a member of NATO, and supporter of freedom and democracy. At least in some countries, if not in others. Ok, the US was never perfect and neither was Britain. Both committed gross atrocities, for example in Iraq. What was important was they had ideals about human rights and freedoms, even if they did not always live up to them consistently. Having an ideal, and failing even on many occasions, is far better than discarding those ideals from the start.

So, no more ideals about religious, social and political liberty, not with this Republican misgovernment. No more freedom of reproductive choice for women. They are stepping backwards as fast as they can. They are no longer a reliable ally sharing certain democratic ideals, believing in human rights. If the US becomes increasingly hostile to women’s and gay rights, increasingly supportive of racial discrimination, and promotes religious discrimination against anyone who isn’t a rightwing evangelical Christian, this doesn’t help us maintain sanity here. It destabilises the liberal consensus that has governed the West in recent years, and opens a door to fascist and nationalistic fanaticism.

They say history repeats itself, but that is only true if we allow it, and right now, the GOP in the US, and the Tories in the UK, are heading in that direction without a care in the world. Sod ’em.

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