And it doesn’t get denser than David Davis

The “Brexit Secretary”. Apparently government Secretaries aren’t required to think. As opposed to secretaries without a capital “S”.

Brexit: EU must recognise British regulations, David Davis says

So, opines this mastermind, Britain should be allowed to leave the European Union, stop paying dues to its governing bodies, retain full free market access, disregard European marketing rules, while expecting Europe to respect new British regulations as it strikes out independently from Europe.

Is he nuts? Yes, I rather think being in the Tory misgovernment has unhinged him into an inability to think rationally.

Added to this idiocy of the UK “negotiator” is the still unsolved question of the Irish border. It has never been explained by the clueless Tories how this border is to remain free and open while Britain leaves the EU.

Now the lamentable Davis has offered the Tory “answer”: have the Europeans grant full free trade status to the UK, while the UK is free to disregard any and every EU rule and regulation.

That’s going to fly about as far as a dead duck in a hurricane.

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