And in the Brexit WTF!!! department…

The Tory clown car lurches along, veering precariously from cliff face to cliff edge, without anyone apparently in the driver’s seat. Or maybe too many drivers fighting to get into it.

Earlier today we had:

Brexit: Tory MPs send letter to Theresa May demanding ‘full regulatory autonomy’ for UK

That was more than 60 Tories, enough to trigger a no confidence request and new leadership election. This is a hard Brexit demand, leave the EU and refuse all EU regulations. In other words, fuck you, Europe. Not exactly diplomatic, but then diplomacy is not one of New Tory skills.

Later there was this:

Brexit: Britain asks EU to consider longer transition period

Which is entirely contrary to the first revelation. Either the Independent got it wrong, or the Tories are entirely at sea or war.

Either way, the Tory misgovernment is in chaos. They don’t know which way to go, and large numbers of their MPs do not support them, on either side. Well, I wouldn’t trust a Tory further than I could throw one.  They are a party that supports the wealthy, not the people. And even they can’t agree on the course that benefits British billionaires.

Scumbags the lot of them. New election is what this calls for.

Mind you, I don’t trust Corbyn on Brexit, either. He’s never been a fan of Europe, thinking it’s a coven of plutocrats and commercial interests. But at least even if he goes ahead with this stupidity, he won’t do it kamikaze style like the Tories. He’ll want to protect British workers and industry that Tories simply do not care about.

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