And I see the Tories are beginning to fray at the edges too

Tory modernising wing has been destroyed, say defecting trio of MPs

Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen explained their decision to join the new group, founded this week by seven Labour MPs, who also left their party.

In a devastating critique of Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations, the three MPs said, at a press conference Wednesday afternoon, that the Tories had lurched to the right, adopting Ukip policies and pursuing a hard Brexit.

Their move reduces May’s already tenuous working majority to eight, raising still more questions over her authority amid rumours that there could be further Tory defections to come.

Fair enough, the like of Jacob Rees-Mogg are enough to make anyone’s stomach churn. Now this is a far more welcome split than the Labour one, though it does drive Tories even further into the hands of their neo-fascist wing. It remains to be seen whether any more are driven away by the mad barking of the Tory far-right Brexiteers.

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