I am embarrassed to be Polish

Poland insists far-right marchers calling for ‘Islamic holocaust’ just sideshow to ‘great celebration of Poles’

Except the demonstration by neo-Nazi bigots from all over Europe was bigger than the official shenanigans.

A 60,000-strong nationalist march in Warsaw which saw demonstrators tout white supremacist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic messages was largely an expression of patriotic feeling, Poland‘s Foreign Ministry has said.

Marchers hung a banner which said, “pray for Islamic holocaust” and carried signs with slogans like “white Europe of brotherly nations”. Others chanted “pure Poland, white Poland” and “refugees get out!”

Although the country’s government condemned racist and xenophobic ideas, it called the event “a great celebration of Poles, differing in their views, but united around the common values of freedom and loyalty to an independent homeland”.

And it wasn’t just Poles.

Fascists to stage ‘world’s biggest’ far-right march in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day

The march, held on Poland’s 11 November Independence Day holiday, has drawn tens of thousands of participants in recent years. Extremists from Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia and elsewhere now join Polish nationalists in a public display of xenophobic and white supremacist views, since the event began on a much smaller scale in 2009.

The slogan for this year’s event is “We Want God”: words from an old religious Polish song that President Donald Trump quoted in July while visiting Warsaw. Trump praised Poland for what he described as the country’s defence of Western civilisation.

Part of the problem is that Poland is now ruled by the right-wing Law and Justice party. That isn’t helpful.

You would think Poles had learned a lesson from fascism. Evidently not.

This is what the European Union was established to stamp out. And the Conservative idiots want us out of it. How many more wars do they want and support?

We are governed by blithering idiots.

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