And don’t trust Labour, either

Brexit: Second referendum would be ‘extremely unhelpful’ says Labour frontbencher

A Labour shadow Cabinet minister has said a another EU referendum would be “extremely unhelpful” adding that it was a “shame” the party’s deputy leader appeared to leave the option on the table.

Speaking to The Independent Debbie Abrahams, the shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, also said she would relish another general election in 2018, adding: “I’d love there to be an election in 12 months.”

I’d agree to the extent that another general election is likely a good thing. But she’s wrong when she claims Labour has a European policy. It doesn’t. It prefers fudging the issue, considering a lot of Labour voters are as anti-Europe as their Tory counterparts.

This is blinkered stupidity. Europe has been largely at peace, the remnants of Yugoslavia apart, since World War II, because of European institutions created to unite countries previously sundered. The unification enterprise has been a spectacular success in a continent riven by centuries of war and strife.

The European Union has been a benefit to the people of all the nations involved, and Labour bloody well ought to be supporting it, instead of prevaricating and claiming they want all the benefits of being In while respecting an opinion poll – sorry, referendum – that narrowly chose to be Out. That’s Bullshit. Let me repeat: BULLSHIT.

I’m in a sad position. I certainly can’t vote Tory because of the likes of Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. Shudder. Labour bewilders me about what they stand for – it’s not the working classes, whatever else it is. Some vague ideology, I suppose. Lib-Dems… might as well support a corpse. Ukip and other fascist parties are right out.

Which leaves the SNP – based in Dundee as I am – who support something I don’t, which is separation from the UK. I’ve never understood Scottish Nationalism. What’s it for? What does it actually gain over a united Britain? Do we really benefit from being ruled from Edinburgh rather than London? How about from Brussels? Why is one better than another? No clear answer from the SNP.

One of the things I do agree with the SNP, besides free bus passes for the over-60s, is a wish to remain part of the European enterprise. Perhaps separation from England to maintain that is worth it. I’d be glad to say goodbye to the racist creeps of Ukip and their English, some might say Sassenach ilk in the Tory party.

Food for thought. If a new referendum were about Scottish independence, I’d give it serious consideration. But only if it meant staying part of Europe.

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