An angry Tusk

Donald Tusk is a victim of Brexit – no wonder he wants to consign Brexiteers to a ‘special place in hell’

Tony Blair and John Major went to Belfast during the referendum campaign to set out the seriousness and insolubility of this problem in great detail. They were not listened to. For two-and-a-half years, the UK civil service and others have sought to come up with various ingenious ways to have no border at all between two countries, one of whom has refused to be in a customs union with the other. They have not come up with anything. Nothing exists like it anywhere on Earth. Currently, Steve Baker and various others are in the process of coming up with a solution that will work, in the space of 48 hours. It won’t happen. So the backstop is needed. 

So for those who have brought the UK, and the European Union, to this point, who campaigned for it with no plan at all of how to sort it out, Tusk has every right to be angry and every right to express that anger too.

Tory Brexit has been both reckless and wreckful. These far right politicians obviously wanted to inflict the maximum amount of damage in Europe, in revenge for Europe inveigling the UK into membership, without any regard whatsoever for collateral damage to the UK.

They live in some sort of imperial cloud cuckooland where the Britain of yesteryear can be resurrected in all its imperial glory, bereft of colonies and its theft of their foreign wealth, and somehow float to the top among giants that make Britain look like en effete pigmy.

No wonder Tusk is exasperated. He is faced by the dregs of the English ruling class. The problem is, they have no class.

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