American gun nuts want a glut of guns

Gun owners turn on Donald Trump over plans to bring in tighter restrictions

And let’s face it, the restrictions Trump is proposing are so modest as to be absolutely useless. Raise the age from 18 to 21? Increase background checks a tad, though not very much?

But even those extremely modest proposals are too much for the rabid American gun nuts, who apparently believe it’s the god-given right of every American to blow away any other American. And especially immigrant.

If Trump had any balls, he’d support a gun ban, which has worked well everywhere else but America, where it has never been tried. But he doesn’t even know what day it is, unless it’s a day on a golf course.

But his feeble proposals that won’t accomplish diddly are too much for gun nuts. They are out beyond the beyond. Perhaps students are their targets?

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