American fascists at war – with each other

Sebastian Gorka: Trump & Bannon Feuding Over Book Because ‘They’re Both Alpha Males’

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka told conservative radio host Lars Larson yesterday that there is “nothing” going on between President Trump and his former chief strategist Steve Bannon and that they  have been attacking each other over quotes Bannon gave to the author of a new book because they’re “both alpha males” and “the political atmosphere is very, very charged.”

Well, let me backtrack a bit. Gorka and Bannon are certifiable fascists. I doubt Trump has the brains to know what fascism is. He just wants to climb over political or literal corpses to WIN! Winning what is not so obvious. He clearly doesn’t like his job, and is bad at doing it. For him, it’s apparently another episode of Apprentice, only not everyone is kowtowing to him or taking orders, and that is what is so frustrating.

We have an idiot attempting to run the US. We have fascists attempting to use him to further their agenda of controlling US policy and law. Between the lot of them, they are stoking racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, in fact every kind of bigotry that gives fascists a bad name. American government is utter chaos.

For the fascists, Muslims are the new Jews. I doubt they have much fondness for Jews, either.

But there is another filthy finger in this pie besides the fascists. Christianist evangelicals. Like VP Pence. Their agenda can be summed in in a few pithy phrases: kill the gays, ban abortion, subjugate women, and bring on the end times. Hence their approval of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. No other nation besides Israel is on that bandwagon.

Trump panders to fascists and evangelicals alike. I doubt it’s because he believes anything they say. I doubt he has the brains to analyse it, or come to any external belief. His only belief is in himself and his own glory. But he has chosen them as his ladder to winning.


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