Al Franken resigns

Al Franken resigns: Democratic senator stands down over sexual assault claims

Now, I am saddened that Al Franken was a flawed character. A former Saturday Night Live comedian, he become a senator fearless in investigating idiocies perpetrated by the American Republican government. He was busy doing the right thing.

But way back when, he was doing the wrong thing occasionally – not respecting, but rather molesting female colleagues. Under the deluge of accusations, repudiation by most of his Democratic senatorial colleagues, he did the honourable thing and resigned. A pity it had to be this way, but an appropriate result given his history. Same goes for Democrat Representative Conyers.

How different it is on the Republican side of the aisle. Although a couple of bit players involved in sexual molestation have bitten the dust, President “Pussygrabber” Trump and “Judge” Roy Moore are given a free pass by Republicans allegedly horrified by sexual abuse by Democrats. It seems these guys don’t mind their own candidates grabbing pussy on the side, but utterly condemn Democrats when they do it.

Repugs aren’t learning the lesson. It’s not ok to molest anyone sexually. Even if they are your favourite candidate over a Democrat. Or even if they are a sitting President. Evangelical Christianist hypocrisy will get them eventually. It just hasn’t sunk in yet.

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