Ah, Tory censorship!

The government’s impending porn ID checks are a danger to us all – here’s why

This is a proposal by the Tory misgovernment to force all consumers of pornography to sign up, so that government can track their internet usage.

The cover is that this is intended to protect children from porn. It may do that, who knows, there are so many ways of circumventing this, but what it does do is reveal Tory interest in controlling internet access.

If they really wanted to protect children from porn, while maintaining adult freedom to access information as well as entertainment, they would advocate passing a law requiring all broadband routers sold in the UK to provide parental controls. This is easily done. It’s not perfect, but reasonably effective, and affects parents and children only.

But no, that’s not enough for these religiously constipated prudes. They want to know what the rest of are doing in our leisure time.

Seriously. No Tory government is to be trusted with your freedoms. They want to suck your soul.

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