A wise president who knows he is ignorant…

… surrounds himself with knowledgeable staff to inform his decision making.

Not Trump.

Donald Trump suggests he does not know if climate change is manmade, saying: ‘It’ll change back again’

But then, he’s both unwise, and pig-ignorant, and arrogantly self-confident that anything he doesn’t believe to be a fact, whenever it suits him to, is either fake news or not worth knowing. And he surrounds himself by like minded henchmen whose sole purpose is to say yes to him, whatever stumbles out of that vacant mind.

“It’ll change back again”, says the twirp, and as he’s Trump, anything he chooses not to accept as a fact is by definition fake. Contrariwise, anything he accepts as a fact must be true, no matter contradicted by reality it is.

The man’s a cross between a huckster and and a mobster. That’s why he admires Russian, Chinese and North Korean strongmen. It’s what he would ideally like to be, were it not for that pesky US democracy due process and rule of law. To be fair, democracy and rule of law in the US might not survive his regime. If he wins the midterms in three weeks, kiss U democracy goodbye.

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