A few lies from the Brexit campaign

Brexit lies: The demonstrably false claims of the EU referendum campaign

A few told on both sides, but the Brexiteers are especially egregious.

‘Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the single market’ – Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan

Except that Theresa May is doing exactly that, threatening to take Britain out of the  common market, putting jobs and businesses at risk.

‘Once we have settled our accounts, we will take back control of roughly £350m per week’ – Boris Johnson

Well, that was a blatant lie. Pretty buses though. Boris Johnson is our answer to Donald Trump.

‘The UK loses out because other members favour a highly regulated and protectionist economy’ – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Another outstanding Tory liar – there are so many of them. Here’s the reality:

Research by UK in a changing Europe shows that the UK has been in a minority on 57 legislative acts at the European Council since 1999, when the decisions were made public. Since then it has been in the majority on 2,474 acts, and abstained on 70 occasions.

Moreover, we became more likely to vote agin our European allies since the evil Tories took over. You just cannot trust a Tory. They are only interested in protecting the wealthy, and themselves. Rather like Republicans in the US.

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