Tories in chaos

Brexit bill delayed…

…because the government can’t be sure of a majority.

And what’s the value of Theresa May’s words of reassurance to EU nationals resident here? Zero, nada, zilch. She can’t even depend on her own party and the DUP to deliver votes – Universal Credit, anyone? – and can’t control the hard-line Tory nasties who hate everything European, or at least want to keep it safely on the other side of the Channel. She can’t even assure us she’ll remain prime minister for the duration of the Brexit negotiations, so fractious is the Tory party.

The solution is to kill Brexit entirely. The consequences have become all too clear – recession, inflation, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of rights, and long term rancour between Britain and what should be our European allies.

David Cameron was an imbecile to have a referendum in the first place. And we have never been governed by referendum. Let parliament consider the consequences. Even better, let’s have another election to force the parties to explain their policies in the light of Brexit consequences. Anything other than the chaos of Tories falling over each other to have Brexit at any and every cost.

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